How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

“Beautiful journeys in life are often hard to do.” But if you are well prepared, it becomes more accessible and exciting. That is the same case for Everest Base Camp Trek, a beautiful but demanding trek in Nepal.

We knew you’ll look for tips on how to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek. Hence, we mind writing this blog on “how to make yourself physically and mentally ready for the EBC trek”.

But before that, do you know how long and what distance you will cover on Everest Base Camp Trek? Or what makes Everest Base Camp Trek a demanding one?

Let us explain that briefly, Everest Base Camp Trek, the standard route, is 130km long in total. You’ll need 10 to 18 days to complete the whole trek. The duration depends on the road and the number of acclimatization days you take.

Likewise, the starting elevation of the trek is Lukla(2,800m), and the peak elevation is Kala Patthar(5,644m). This journey from 2,800m to 5,644m and back to 2,800m has many ups, downs, and roughs.  Thus, you need answers to How to Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek.

What you’ll find down below are some ways of physical preparation for the Everest Base Camp Trek. Those training and preparation tips are forwarded by experienced guides and trekkers who did the trek. Likewise, we have shared some basic tips that can help you throughout the journey. The whole intent of writing this blog is to help you prepare appropriately for the trek.

This blog is fruitful for you if you are sure about doing Everest Base Camp Trek. It will make the whole voyage of Everest Base Camp Trek an easier one. So let’s start reading.


How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek?

Cardiovascular Training

First, you need a good fitness level for Everest Base Camp Trek. As you know, it is a strenuous trek; you need to be in a position to complete it. An excellent place to start is your cardiovascular level.

Cardiovascular training(CV) is a kind of exercise related to hurt and the lungs. This type of training helps your lung to prepare for extra oxygen consumption. Exercises such as jogging, walking, cycling, rowing, hiking, and stair climbing are cardiovascular activities. These all help you boost your cardiovascular level.

On Everest Base Camp Trek, you’ll do long hikes and steep climbs. Your body should be used to consume the extra oxygen it requires while doing those activities. This is where working on Cardiovascular training is very helpful. Your body will remain oxygenated even in the higher and hard times.

Consider doing cardio activities around 3-4 months before the trek date. Make sure you give enough hours for cardio training every week and, be consistent at it.

Strength Training

Another way of physically preparing for the Everest Base Camp Trek is strength training. Strength training focuses on strengthening your shoulders, leg muscles, back, abdomen, and other body parts.  While doing the trek, every part of your body will come to work. If they are not ready for a demanding walk, they’ll have a lot of exhaustion, tiredness, and pain during the trek.

But if your body is well conditioned by the strength training already, there will not be any such problems during the trek. Hence, strength training is necessary for the tour. You opt for strength training activities such as push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, military presses, squats, deadlifts, crunches, etc.

Do not push strength training to the last moment. Start doing this strength training at least 3-4 months before the trek. And repeating it, discipline is a must.

Trekking Conditioning

You can also prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek by doing a short or long trek. Before attending Everest Base Camp Trek, go for a trek, short or long, with a backpack. If possible, choose a steep and rough trail for trekking. This trekking conditioning will prepare you for the big trek ahead.

Every time you hit a trail for training, remember walking on the Everest Base Camp Trek. Push your limits every day while doing a trek to prepare for the trek. Also, go for some elevation-gaining walks.

These types of preparation will make you used to trek conditions. You’ll know your strength and weaknesses and can work on them before the Everest Base Camp Trek. Try to condition everything like you are doing Everest Base Camp Trek, from clothing to lodging.


Mental Conditioning

Mental conditioning is all about being mentally ready for Everest Base Camp Trek. Without a positive mindset, you can complete a hard journey. That is the same case for Everest Base Camp Trek.

You should accept all the difficulties and prepare for the journey. And throughout the training and trekking, a positive mentality is a must. You should condition your mind to accept any sort of challenges of trek. Simply, you need to be mentally invincible. Only then you can complete the walk to Everest Base Camp Trek.

Otherwise, Everest Base Camp Trek may seem like a dream. The trek has more strenuous trails, basic accommodation, cold weather, higher elevations, etc. If your mind is not ready for all of that, the journey may never be complete. Hence, come with a mentality to climb Mt Everest, not only Everest Base Camp.

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Some Important Tips for Everest Base Camp Trek

Below we have listed several essential tips that can help you prepare for the trek. These tips will be beneficial throughout the outing.

Choose the right month

It is crucial to choose the right month for Everest Base Camp Trek. Autumn and Spring are two great seasons for the trek. The conditions are better for trekking. But the trail may be a bit crowdy during the high seasons. For peace seekers, winter can be a good season. However, winter is a cold season. So it is very important to choose the best time for the trek. Read our Best Time to Visit Nepal for more information.

Acclimatize Well

When going to the mountains, proper acclimatization is the first need. So before gaining a newer elevation, take your time to acclimatize to the altitude. If you are a newbie, two acclimatization days are suggested. You can stay around Namche Bazaar and Dingboche to rest and acclimatize. Therefore make sure you have enough acclimatization days in your Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary.

Get the Right Clothing

A warm Sleeping bag, good trekking boots, and thick layers are crucial. If you do not have suitable clothing for Everest Base Camp Trek, you’ll have some problems. The region is rough and cold. You need to have everything to sustain in the region. You'll need various things, from a good pair of shoes to a hat. Pack only the most essential clothing. Too much packing will make your backpack heavy.

Drink Water

Drinking water is a mantra to deal with altitude sickness. If you are not drinking enough water, your body will get dehydrated. And a dry body can get mountain sickness at any time. So while you are on this trek, drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

Slow and calm wins the race

Everest Base Camp Trek is not a marathon. If you take it like that and keep on rushing to reach Everest Base Camp, you’ll lose the race. The slow and gradual walker wins the race. Trekking rapidly does not give your body enough time to acclimatize. Your heart rate will also reach its peak, which is not good for this trek.
To succeed on this trek, you need to trek slowly by taking enough rest. Rushing means inviting mountain sickness.

Choose a licensed travel agency

Doing Everest Base Camp Trek via a licensed travel agency has many perks. You get an experienced guide and porter along on the trek. The agency books tickets, accommodation, and food for the trek. If it is a peak season like Autumn or Spring, it is hard to get flight tickets and accommodation. But the agency books everything in advance for their clients. So there is no hassle while doing it through a travel agency.

Hire an expert and licensed guide

An expert guide on Everest Base Camp Trek makes your trek safe and exciting. You do not need to worry about anything when you have a guide. All you have to do is walk and enjoy. Your guide will manage everything. If that guide is experienced, you’ll get the best guidance in every trek step. That’s why an expert guide is needed for Everest Base Camp Trek.

At Last

So above are the ways how to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek. The trek is not as hard as you might think if you can do good training and preparation for it. You qualify for the tour, and we will be there to guide you.

If you have any queries regarding Everest Base Camp Trek or any other trek, we will answer them. Just reach us! Thank you for reading the blog! And all the best wishes for Everest Base Camp Trek.




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