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“Culture is the heart of any place or locality”

Just as some get intrigued by mountains, lakes, and landscapes, avid travelers can also get lured by the cultural experiences of different places. We know you are one of them. This segment features some of the best cultural tours in Nepal that you can do in a culturally diverse country. 

The country sandwiched between India and China, Nepal is home to different people, beliefs, costumes, ideas, lifestyles, traditions, heritages, and values. Nepal is bestowed by such a diverse mixture of cultures that it is a multi-ethnic, multiracial, multicultural, multi-religious, and multilingual country. 

Before the Nepal of now, a long history dates back to the 30th century BC. Shakya, Kirat, Licchavi, Thakuri, Malla, and Shah ruled this beautiful Himalayan country. When these dynasties left, they left indelible architecture, art, and heritage. One that you get to explore around Kathmandu Valley is just a bit of that quaint leftover. 

Around 30 million people share Nepal as their home from north to south and east to west. One hundred twenty-five distinct ethnic groups speak 123 mother tongues in the country. In this multi-religious country, you will meet Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, and even Christian people. Do not get surprised; Nepal is a garden of multi-variate flowers blowing in the wind of Nepal.  

These people, whose history traces back to the 30th century, celebrate life above all. They welcome travelers from around the world. They let you be part of their food, festivals, lifestyle, and culture without resentment. 

Below pinned are some of the cultural tours in Nepal. You can discover more if you reach us.

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