Wildlife & Safari Tours in Nepal...

“The wilderness is a place that every believer has to experience’.

Once in a while, we should leave our civilization and visit wild places. We see raw nature and biodiversity that our locality could never offer. 

There are many famous destinations for wildlife experiences in the world. Nepal, a diverse land, is one of them. Often labeled as the mecca for mountaineering, Nepal is not less in wildlife and jungle experiences.

The country has lush vegetation, varied topography, and varied climate. As a result, Nepal has a biodiversity that only a few countries have. With the colorful Rhododendrons and Bengal Tiger, Nepal is a place for great wild awe.

Nine national parks, three wildlife reserves, and several Ramsar sites exist. Altogether it’s 23 protected sites to safeguard flora and fauna. Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, and Shuklaphanta National Park are some of the notable ones.

The protected sites offer enriched flora and fauna to its visitors. In these areas, we can participate in jungle activities like jungle safari, canoe riding, bird watching, lake exploration, jungle strolls, community stays, and more. 

One of the best in the country is Chitwan Jungle Safari Tour, where elephants, rhinos, and Bengal tigers are frequent. There is much more to experience while in these jungles.

Here are some options if you are looking for a wildlife escape or jungle safari tour in Nepal. We can always talk about the other possibilities.  

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