Tourism and Tourism For All

Social Tourism

Social Tourism is a way via which travelers get to experience new cultures, lifestyles, or in simpler words, a wholly unique community experience. Here you get to live in the communities among the locals exploring their food and livelihood, do voluntary work as per your expertise and skillsets, or just a hike through the alleys. This concept highly believes that every person has some story, skill, experience, wisdom to share with the world for a positive impact. In that case, Social Tourism works as a medium for the people who want to make this world a better place through sharing their learnings. And, these sorts of social tour plans are accessible by all travelers, cost-effective, experience-based, full of once in a while moments, sustainable by all means, and worthwhile.

If you are in look of anything just said, you are at the right place. Sabbatical Explore Nepal is one of the early adopters of Social Tourism in Nepal. Our team saw the prospects of tourism in the Nepalese societies earlier than the rest and came up with a comprehensive vision to promote those unique communities worldwide. Thus, you’ll find social experience added to almost all of the tours and adventures run by us. For specified social tourism in Nepal, we suggest our community based tourism organization, Social Tourism Nepal.   

Responsible or Sustainable Tourism

Traveling is a pursuit through which a person explores himself by exploring new places. But if you could be a part of responsible tourism or sustainable tourism, that is even better. Traveling responsibly or sustainably simply means leaving nothing but dropping good influences and impressions in the places you visit. 

However, responsible tourism has not to be super; travelers can follow it by practicing simple things while traveling. Things like these: No harmful environmental impacts, economic contributions to the overlooked communities through tourism activities, no adverse effects on the societies, respect for the socio-cultural sides of the host villages, and skill and knowledge sharing for better meaning. Through Responsible Tourism, travelers get to take plenty of memories and experiences without leaving any negative impacts. 

Sabbatical Explore Nepal, a team lead by nature and society lovers, has always put effort into promoting tourism in Nepal responsibly and sustainably. You’ll experience that in your every travel with us.      

Agro Tourism

Agro Tourism is more a new concept where tourism gets interconnected with agriculture. This form of tourism allows avid visitors to participate in agricultural activities in Nepal’s rural and ethnic villages. Doers get to exchange their farming practices and traditions with the traditional techniques of the locals. You’ll live, eat, and work like a local with the ethnic people sharing your life journey with theirs. It is a win-win tourism venture where both sides learn advanced things through new perspectives.

As this is a new thing to do here in Nepal, we are short of specific agro-tourism tour programs. But if you are an avid lover of agro-based tourism, Sabbatical Explore Nepal can and is ever ready to manage such programs conveniently. Just ring us!  

Accessible Tourism

Accessible Tourism means making tourism activities accessible to all. It is the concept behind Tourism For All''. The central vision behind this concept is to see travelers with circumstances on the trails to the villages and mountains of Nepal. Circumstances can be anything from age factors, physical limitations to economic problems. And this concept, Accessible Tourism, does not let any of those circumstances halt people from traveling. Life is not only about earning fortunes and sleeping in the grave; it is also about exploring itself by traveling to a new country and village. And nothing should ever stop anyone from traveling; that is what accessible tourism is all about. 

We heartily understand what you just read. That is why you will find customizable plans and itineraries for all age groups, economic categories, physical levels. All you have to do is to inform us of your problem, and we’ll talk you through the appropriate plans for you.



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