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Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley

24 Days USD $2285    Kathmandu    Kathmandu  
Duration : 24  Days
Grading : Moderate
Min Pax : 2
Max Pax : 10
Max Altitude : 5,160 meters
Activity : trekking, road trip, city sightseeing
Starts at : Kathmandu
End at : Kathmandu
Trip Route : Kathmandu-Sotikhola-Mu Gompa- Larkya La Pass-Besisahar-Kathmandu
Best Season : March-May, September-December


Are you a keen trekker of unfrequented places? If your answer is near “yes,” Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley is a matchless option. Let’s unravel this journey.

“Manaslu Circuit Trek along with Tsum Valley” is a beautiful package to explore the wildly beautiful Manaslu Region. Handcrafted for off-the-beaten trail lovers, it sets off on a lovely circuit in the Manaslu Region, where the eighth tallest mountain on Earth, Mt Manaslu, lies. Also, you’ll find yourself wandering in the Tsum Valley, the valley known for rich Tibetan culture, Buddhist gompas, and green meadows.     

Through the eyes of beauty, this trek and, ultimately, Manaslu Region lacks nothing. First of all, you in the region will witness the beautiful valleys, indescribable terrains, awe-inspiring mountains, great mass of plants and fauna, and many more things. Most basically, you will connect with nature like never before. The area is still entirely intact, raw, and far from the urban world and life. Thus, it will be you and the intact creation of nature on this adventure.

On the other hand, the number of Buddhist gompas, monasteries, and stupas of this trek will take you back in time. The region is also nurtured by the locals who share the Tibetan culture and lifestyle. You’ll experience the vibrating cultural side of the region as well on this trek.

Overall, Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley will become a lovely excuse from your busy world to a place that is as calm as ever. However, the journey may be a little long and challenging but is equally rewarding. 

As you know, life is mostly about exploring new things and places. Do this trek, explore this beautiful gemstone region of Nepal and live your life to the fullest for a while.        


  • Be a part of one of the best off-the-beaten treks in Nepal.
  • Start the trek from Soti Khola and remain in rural Nepal for a while.
  • Explore the hidden beauty of the Manaslu Region.
  • Learn about the fascinating local Tibetan culture and lifestyle.
  • Summit one of the renown mountain passes, Larkya La Pass(5,160m).
  • Eye the striking mountains like Manaslu, Hiunchuli, Ngadi, Simrang, Ganesh Himal, and more.
  • Discover the decades-old Buddhist monasteries, gompas, chortens, mani walls.
  • Get along the true peace, nature, and ruralness of the Manaslu region.
  • Run on the trail that goes above the beautiful valleys, traditional villages, lush woods, suspension bridges, rivers, and more.


Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu(1400m)

You’ll land at Kathmandu Airport, where our team will be there to entertain you with a lovely welcome. You and the team will head towards your hotel for much-needed rest. Later, you will join a welcome dinner hosted by the team in the evening, where you’ll know everything about the trip. And then you’ll return to the hotel for the night’s rest. 


Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trek Arrangements

We’ll use the second day to make you feel at home in Nepal by taking you around the important cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu. We will go to places like Swyambhunath Temple, Basantapur Durbar Square, and a couple more. At the same time, the team will arrange tickets, permits, and gear for the exciting trek. After the valuable visit, we’ll leave you back at the hotel for the night.    


Day 3: Drive from Kathmandu to Sothi Khola(730m) via Arughat | 6-8hrs

All excited, we will join a picturesque bus drive of 6-8hrs to Sothi Khola via winding Prithivi Highway. Cornering along the Trishul river and passing by Dhading Besi, we’ll reach Arughat from where it’s two more hours to Sothi Khola, the stop for the day. As we reach Sothi Khola, we’ll check into a teahouse for the night. 


Day 4: Trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola(890m) | 6-7hrs

The delicious breakfast will power us to leave Soti Khola, the starting point of the trek, for Machha Khola. Following the Soti Khola(River), we move forward in the Budhi Gandaki Valley. Running into several small villages, observing mountains and greenery, we’ll reach Machha(Fish) Khola in the evening. We’ll complete the day there with a delicious meal.


Day 5: Trek from Maccha Khola to Jagat(1400m) | 6-7hrs

Our paths will now meander towards Jagat from Maccha Khola through a river bed. As the sun pivots, we’ll leave the riversides to reach Kholabesi and Tatopani for short breaks. Throughout the day, there will be excellent views of mountains, rivers, trees, terrace fields to keep us moving in the direction of Jagat. We’ll walk for around 6-7hrs to reach Jagat by dusk. Overnight in Jagat.


Day 6: Trek from Jagat to Lokpa(2,040m) | 6-7hrs

We’ll get our permits checked at Jagat before starting the trek. It will begin with a walk over the hill to reach Salleri. A few walks later, the Budhi Gandaki River will meet us again to set us on the way to Lokpa. Then we’ll reach Ekle Bhatti, the point from where we’ll enter Tsum Valley Trek. Walking along the river and villages, we’ll make it to Lokpa, the first village of the Tsum Valley. Overnight in the village.       


Day 7: Trek from Lokpa to Chumling(2,386m) | 4-5hrs

Promptly in the morning, we’ll head deeper into the Tsum Valley by choosing the way to Chumling. En route, we’ll see clear views of Ganesh Himal and Boudha Himal. Before reaching Chumling, we shall pass through the forest of rhododendron and Gumling Village. From Gumling, we’ll cross the Syar River(Khola) to see us in Chumling. Chumling is a village of three Buddhist gompas; we’ll explore all of them before nightfall.   

Day 8: Trek from Chumling to Chekampar(3,010m) | 5-6hrs

Now, we shall trace the scenic upper part of Tsum Valley. The walk will be carried out on the sides of the Syar River to reach Domje first and then Gho. We’ll take short breaks at these stops. We will be on the uphill sections during the afternoon to end up in Chekampar, a famous Tibetan village. If the day is clear, we’ll see clear sights of Ganesh Himal and Himalchuli from the village.        


Day 9: Trek from Chekampar to Nile(3,361m) | 4-5hrs

From Chekampar, we’ll take the trail to Nile, the northernmost village of the Tsum Valley. The path will see us advancing through the green terrace fields of Lamagaon. A little out of Lama Gaon(Village), we’ll run into Piren Phu(Pigeon) Cave, the sacred cave of the valley. The cave is dotted with prayer flags and Buddhist Murals. After sightseeing the cave, we’ll join the last stretch trek to Nile village via other villages.


Day 10: Rest Day and Hike to Mu Gompa(3,700m)

Today, we’ll hike around Nile village to spend the first acclimatization day of the trek. Luckily, Mu Gompa(3,700m), one of the biggest gompas in the region, is not too far from the village. Therefore, we’ll set out for the hike to Mu Gompa after breakfast. As we reach there, we’ll come to be around monks and explore the historical gompa. There will be mountain views to capture from the place. After the well-spent day in Mu Gompa, we’ll retrace back to Nile for the night.  


Day 11: Trek from Nile to Chekampar(3,031m) | 5-6hrs

Following the day in Nile Village, we have to descend to Chekampar to continue the trek. It will be an easy trekking day with more downhill sections. We’ll revise the beautiful landscapes once again as we take ourselves to Chekampar. Overnight in Chekampar’s teahouse.   


Day 12: Trek from Chekampar to Chumling(2,386m) | 6-7 hrs

Now, we’ll have Chumling, the confluence of Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum Valley Trek, waiting on the other side. The trek will be through the same route, which we already walked. So retracing the same trail and things, we’ll end up in Chumling after 6-7 hrs of trek. 


Day 13: Trek from Chumling to Deng(1,860m) | 4-5hrs

As we have completed the Tsum Valley part, we’ll now go on the Manaslu Circuit Trek trail from Chumling. It will be a trek to reach Deng, which is located in the lower region than Chumling. Therefore, we will find this day easy for trekking because of the descending trail. Overnight in Deng.

Day 14: Trek from Deng to Namrung(2,630m) | 5-6hrs

From the lapses of Deng, we’ll head in the direction of Namrung by keeping the Budhi Gandaki River on one side. Then, we’ll leave the river to do an uphill climb to Rana village. We’ll eventually start to drop from the hill to Shringi Khola’s banks. Crossing the river, we’ll begin the last climb of the day. As the uphill finishes, we’ll reach Namrung to finish the day.


Day 15: Trek from Namrung to Samagaon(3,530m) | 6-7hrs

We will wake up to a lovely view in Namrung to start the trek to Samagaon. As we’ll be gaining heights, the day will have steep uphills now and then. A little away from there, we’ll run into Lihi village, which is full of terrace fields and lets us enjoy mountain views. We’ll have lunch plus a short break before crossing several more villages to end up in Samagaon.      

Day 16: Rest Day in Samagaon and hike to Pungyen Gompa

It will be another rest day of the trek to get okay to the high altitudes. We’ll use this day to do a lovely hike to Pungyen Gompa, one of the significant Buddhist Gompas of the region. From the Gompa, we’ll have striking views of nearby glaciers, mountains. Also, we’ll learn so many things about Tibetan culture and lifestyle today. Overnight back in Samagaon. 


Day 17: Trek from Samagaon to Samdo(3,690m) | 4-5hrs

After already being to Samagaon, we’ll progress to Samdo, another picturesque village of the region. It will start with a quick descent to the riverbed of Budhi Gandaki River. Next, following the river banks via several ups and downs, we’ll safely reach Samdo. From the village, we’ll see vast chains of mountains in the backdrop of the village. Our evening in the village will become special by the ranges. 


Day 18: Acclimatization Day in Samdo

We’ll rest for the day in Samdo before we go to the highest point of the trek, Larkya La Pass(5,160m). It is necessary to spend at least one day in Samdo before we scale the top. On the day, we’ll hike around the hills and ridges around Samdo. That will help our lungs to function well in the high areas. Overnight will be back in Samdo.

Day 19: Trek from Samdo to Larkya Phedi or Dharamsala(4,450) | 4-5hrs

As we are ready to go, we’ll leave Samdo behind in the pursuit of the base point of Larkya La Pass, Dharamsala(4,450m). In between, we will pass by Larke Bazaar, a Tibetan-style market. We will stop there for a short break. After the break, we’ll get back on the trail to finish in Dharamsala. By this time, we’ll gain some altitudes and, thankfully, many mountain views too in Dharamsala. Overnight in the stop.

Day 20: Trek from Dharamsala to Larkya La Pass(5,160m) and descend to Bimthang(3,890m) | 8-9hrs

It will be a long trekking day; therefore, we will start the trek before dawn by slowly moving upwards. The route to Larkya La Pass(5,160m) is steep, rocky, and windy. Though the walk is challenging, the view from the top is equally rewarding. We can witness breathtaking vistas of the Manaslu, Annapurna Region mountains, and widespread landscapes.

After enjoying the top thoroughly, we’ll start descending slowly and carefully to Bimthang. The downhill section can be rocky and loose. It will be more comfortable to walk upon as we are losing altitudes. We’ll reach Bimthang at dusk for the night’s rest.      



Day 21: Trek from Bimthang to Tilije(2,300m) | 7-8hrs

From Bimthang, we will walk along a descending trail to Tilije. In the course of the trek, we’ll pass via several villages and terrace fields quite easily. We’ll try to capture as many views of the region as we are about to leave the region. Trekking for around 7-8hrs, we’ll step into Tilije village, a Gurung settlement, for the day’s end.


Day 22: Trek from Tiije to Dharapani and Drive to Besisahar(825m) | 3-4hrs trek and 4-5hrs drive

This day will bring us closer to the end of the Manaslu Circuit Trek with Tsum Valley journey. Firstly, we’ll trek from Tilije to Dharapani via the grounds of Marshyangdi Valley. It will be a cozy trek of 3-4hrs. After that, we’ll set on a shaky jeep drive to Besisahar for 4-5hrs. Overnight in Besisahar.


Day 23: Drive from Besisahar to Kathmandu | 6-7hrs

This will be the end of our time in the rural Manaslu Region as we join a drive to Kathmandu. It will run for about 6-7hrs over a winding and beautiful highway. By the evening, we’ll be back in Kathmandu. We’ll leave you to your hotel for the much-needed rest and sleep.


Day 24: Departure from Kathmandu

And it will be your time to depart from Nepal. What an adventure it will be. To bid farewell to you, we will drop you at Kathmandu Airport.  


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