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Makalu Base Camp Trekking

21 Days USD $3195    Kathmandu    Kathmandu  
Duration : 21  Days
Grading : Moderate
Min Pax : 2
Max Pax : 10
Max Altitude : 5000m meters
Activity : Trekking, Cultural Sightseeing, Mountain Viewing
Starts at : Kathmandu
End at : Kathmandu
Trip Route : Kathmandu-Tumlingtar-Makalu Base Camp-Tumlingtar-Kathmandu
Best Season : Spring and Autumn


Makalu Base Camp Trek is a stunning hike to the foothills of the world’s fifth tallest peak, Mt Makalu(8,485m/27,838ft). The mountain is about 19km southeast of Mt Everest in the same Mahalangur Himalayas as Mt Everest, Cho Oyu, Lhotse. 

Despite being home to one of the highest peaks in the famous Khumbu Region, the path to Makalu is a secret and isolated path. Regardless, it can be a great alternative to Everest Base Camp Trek. That is why Sabbatical Explore Nepal is inclined to present this best-kept hidden trek to you all.

The path to Makalu Base Camp(4,900m) is perfect for trekkers looking for a peaceful walk in the mountains. This journey offers you terraced farm fields, traditional remote villages, rich cultures, dense forests, diverse landscapes, alpine meadows, glaciers, mountains, and probably more. 

Similarly, the off-the-beaten Makalu-Barun Valley, which you explore on the trek, is one of the heavenly valleys in Nepal. The tour also goes via Makalu Barun National Park, one of the biggest parks in the country. For more highlights, you can look around somewhere down.

Makalu Base Camp Trek itinerary starts with a panoramic flight to Tumlingtar. The trek will begin from Chichore to the countryside. The walk will get more and more scenic with the days. You will pass via numerous villages, hills, valleys, and meadows of the region to reach the trek's rough, higher but picturesque parts. 

And the exciting hike of several days will finally bring you to the base camp of Mt Makalu. Overall, the trek from Tumlingtar-Makalu Base Camp-Tumlingtar will be full of beautiful and worth remembering experiences.

Nevertheless, Makalu Base Camp Trek will not be an easy trek at all. The region's remoteness, ruggedness, and high elevations are the dark sides of the tour. It is a long journey of around 20 days. You shall have some arduous and lengthy trekking days.

This trek is for you if you love taking on challenges and have already done similar tours. The rewards of this sheer trek are countless; we bet you!            


  • Pick to do one of the best-kept hidden treks in Nepal.
  • Embark the journey with a panoramic flight to Tumlingtar.
  • Land in an isolated region for a unique trekking experience.
  • Trek via many classic hamlets of Rai and Sherpa ethnic of the region.
  • See what it is like to live on the remote side of the country.
  • Walk through the lavish vegetation of Makalu Barun National Park.
  • Come across the Red Pandas of the Makalu Barun region.
  • Experience varied terrains of the region starting from 700m to 5000m.
  • Probe the heavenly Maklu Barun Valley’s breathtaking surroundings.
  • Explore glaciers, waterfalls, cliffs, Himalayan hanging bridges, ancient monasteries, and more.
  • Catch the unique angles of Mt Everest, Lhotse, Baruntse, Chamlang, Makalu, and other peaks.


Day 1: Arrival at Kathmandu(1,400)

A warm welcome! Our team will receive you on your arrival. Your journey with us starts from here. We will head to your hotel in Kathmandu to drop you there. At the hotel, you’ll take some rest. In the evening, you will join us for a welcome dinner. We’ll have some talks about ourselves and the trek. Overnight in Kathmandu’s hotel.    

Day 2: Kathmandu Sightseeing and Trek preparation day.

A sightseeing day! On the second day of the trip, we will do sightseeing around Kathmandu, the city of temples. On the other side, our team will arrange things for the trek. There are so many places in the city to explore. We’ll go to see World Heritage sites such as Swayambhunath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, and Bouddhanath Stupa. The day will get done with the visit to these sites. Overnight in Kathmandu’s Hotel. 

Day 3: Fly to Tumlingtar & drive to Chinchela(1,980m).

The adventure starts! From Kathmandu Airport’s domestic terminal, we’ll fly to Tumlingtar in the morning. The one-hour flight will be scenic as we’ll see the Himalayas and Nepal’s landscapes. Then we’ll land in Tumlingtar to start an intriguing drive to Chinchela. We’ll get our things together and start riding towards our overnight destination. It will take around 4 to 5 hours to reach there. Overnight in Chinchela.

Day 4: Trek from Chinchela to Num(1,500m)

The first day on the trail! We’ll join the Makalu Base Camp Trekking from Chinchela. The walk will start by crossing a small ridge that is all forest. Then we’ll traverse through several villages such as Kuwapani, Baisake, Sakuranti Majuwa. In between, we’ll enjoy walking via a dense oak forest. To rest and have lunch, we’ll stop in Mure. We’ll take a rapid descent via a rocky area to reach Num from Mure. Overnight in Num.

Day 5: Trek from Num to Sedua(1,540m)

The hike continues! We will leave Num village at dawn to join a descending trail. 
We will descend through Num village’s ridge to Lumbang village. And from there, we’ll have a highly steep trek to the Arun Koshi River. We’ll start another ascent to end up in Sedua village by crossing the bridge. Overnight in Sedua.  

Day 6: Trek from Sedua to Tashigaon(2,070m)

The day of paddy fields! We’ll start the trek towards Tashigaon through a descending trail of paddy fields. The Kasuwa River and Ipsuwa will be with us until we cross a hill. We’ll walk past some peaceful Buddhist villages while passing paddy yards. Hindrungma village, another village full of paddy, will come along as we reach Tashigaon after crossing some meadows and streams. Overnight in Tashigaon. 

Day 7: Trek from Tashigaon to Khongma(3,560m)

The ascend is on! We’ll gain more elevations today as the trek will start with a climb over a ridge. Then we reach a vast forest area and then to a stream. We’ll cross several streams, and a cliff to reach Kharkha, a meadow. From there, we’ll hike up to Unshisha. Having a short rest, we’ll begin the day's final stretch, which leads us to Khongma. Overnight in Khongma. 

Day 8: Trek from Khongma to Mumbuk(3,550m)

The mountain viewing day! To begin this scenic day, we’ll climb a ridge to its top. From the point, which stands at 3840m, we’ll enjoy stunning sights of Chhamlag, Peak 7, and Peak 6. After the view, we’ll ascend more through a stone staircase to reach Ghungru La, one of the famous passes of the Barun Valley. We’ll have more mountain vistas to watch there as well. Then we’ll descend to a small lake before climbing another two mountain cliffs, Shipton and Keka La. After this, we’ll drop via a fir forest to reach Mumbuk.  

Day 9: Trek from Mumbuk to Yangle Kharka(3,600m)

A meadow day! From Mumbuk, we’ll set off to reach Yangle Kharka, a vast meadow in the Makalu and Barun Valley. The hike will start with a descent from Mumbuk to a rough canyon and then through a fir forest. We’ll cross several streams via wooden bridges. One of those bridges will land us in Yangle Kharka, the scenic overnight destination. 

Day 10: Trek from Yangle Kharka to Merek(4,570m)

A day to cross 4000m! Leaving Yangle Kharka and walking through Nghe Kharka, a grassy meadow, we’ll walk to Riphuk Kharka. We’ll enjoy the mountains throughout the day. A little away from Riphuk Kharka is a potato field in Jhak Kharka. We’ll pass that field and start climbing upwards. The climb will bring us to Yak Kharka, yet another meadow. The next place after Yak Kharka is Merek, where we’ll end up for the day.

Day 11: Trek from Merek to Shersong(4,660m)

The Makalu Base Camp is almost upon us! We’ll walk on an ascending sandy trail by a stream and a lateral moraine. Now our walk turns towards the north, where the Himalayas lie. The more forward we walk, the more scenic the valley turns. Enjoying the beautiful vicinity of the valley, we’ll march across a small ridge to reach Shersong. Overnight in Shersong. 

Day 12: Day Trip to Makalu Base Camp(5,000m)

The most awaited day of the trip is here!  We’ll start the big day quite earlier than normal. After having breakfast, we’ll leave Shersong, for now, to ascend towards Makalu Base Camp. It will be a gradual climb through the valley. From the top of that climb, we’ll descend to a stream, and after crossing it; we will reach Makalu Base Camp. We will have great views of Mt Makalu and other mountains from the base camp. There are no shelters to stay in the camp; we’ll trek back to Shersong after the panorama enjoyment.   

Day 13: Trek from Shersong to Yangle Kharka(3,600m)

Now retrace back! After seeing and exploring the world’s fifth tallest peak base camp, we have to return to where it all began, Tumlingtar. For today, we’ll aim to reach Yangle Kharka, the scenic meadow if you remember.  The trek will happen via Barun Valley as we retrace our footsteps to Yangle Kharka. Overnight in Yangle Kharka. 

Day 14: Trek from Yangle Kharka to Mumbuk(3,550m)

Retracing continues! From Yangle Kharka’s scenic meadow, we’ll descend through a rough and forested trail. It will be an easy walk as we’ll have more of a down going trek now. After retracing through the same path, we’ll stop in Mumbuk for the night. 

Day 15: Trek from Mumbuk to Khongma(3,560m)

It continues! We’ll pass via the exact places where we had good moments earlier. On this day, mainly, we’ll cross Shipton La Pass to reach Khongma. There will be enough mountain vistas to enjoy as well until it is dark.  

Day 16: Trek from Khongma to Tashigaon(2,070m)

Another easy day! The trek’s climbing sections are almost over. On this day, when we’ll trek back to Tashigaon, we’ll have to walk downwards only. The easy trail will allow us to enjoy the nature of Makalu Base Camp Trek to the fullest. The long descending day will end in Tashigaon.

Day 17: Trek from Tashigoan to Sedua(1,540m)

The traditional villages come again! Today, we’ll leave the boundary of Makalu Barun National Park and join a riverbed trail by the Barun River. We’ll climb a small hill from the river to reach the civilizations. Observing the villages and lives around there, we’ll get to Sedua to call it a day. 

Day 18: Trek from Sedua to Num(1500m)

We are almost there! The trek for the day will happen through dense vegetation. As we pass via some Sherpa villages, it will have several ups and downs. We will reach Num village after being on the trail for 5-6 hours.

Day 19: Trek from Num to Tumlingtar(901m)

Tumlingtar is here! The last day of trekking will lead us through Chichira village. We’ll have the last views of Mt Makalu from the region's land on this day. Via the same trail, we’ll arrive in Tumlingtar. Overnight in Tumlingtar.    

Day 20: Fly from Tumlingtar to Kathmandu(1,400m)

The scenic flight back to the capital! After having our breakfast in Tumlingtar, we’ll hop into the flight. If everything is alright for the flight, we’ll join the clouds. It will be 45 minutes of panoramic time in the air. Then we’ll land in Kathmandu to head to our hotel. This will be a moment to celebrate the completion of Makalu Base Camp Trekking. Overnight in Kathmandu. 

Day 21: Departure

The day to bid farewell is here! We will head to the airport at the time of your departure. The airport transfer will be the last assistance from our side to you on this trip. Farewell! See you on another trip!   

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