“Life is all about experiences” If you also think so, you are on the right page. This column features various experiences around Nepal that immerse you in its history, culture, food, people, and ambiance. We believe every place or locality has some experience that is worth experiencing. Harboring that in our minds, we have hand-crafted these below-pinned experiences for you.  In that case, Nepal though a small country is full of riveting experiences scattered from its east to west and north to south. Via these plans, you will travel around Nepal’s places to see the different areas of local life from culinary to culture to history to nature to social life. Kathmandu is a vibrant and historical city, with so much history, art, and food to unravel. Pokhara is full of energy and experiences, which range from picturesque lakes to deep caves. In a similar manner, Lumbini is spiritually and religiously blessed with the footprints of Buddha. Chitwan is a dome of nature’s great work like the Bengal Tigers, and Rhinoes. There are many other places that you should visit and experience through a native eye in Nepal. An experiential tour in Nepal will allow that.  Doing these experiential tours is like being in places to live, experiencing the magic that moves you in some way! Won’t you like to grab these amazing experiences?

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