Cross-Border Tours

Nepal is nestled in the lapses of the great Himalayas. It is one of the countries that everyone should visit in the region, however not the only one. Tibet (China) lies in the north, India is in the south & west, and Bhutan is in the far east.

Nepal is neighbored by not one but three amazing destinations.

Cross Border Tours are those tours that take you across Nepal and to these beautiful countries. Bespoken for avid travelers, Cross-Border Tour engages you in a memorable travel experience. You will travel beyond one country to see the transition in people, culture, language, food, art, history, and nature. To gather experience is what travel is about. The cross-border journeys let you collect uncountable encounters and exposures.

You get different lenses to see and understand life. For example, the people in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet are one of the happiest souls in the world. They love to welcome travelers with a sweet smile and warm hug. The spirituality that lives around these quaint countries is beyond bliss. Each place has so much in the box to show you, awe you, and move you. The Cross-border tours let you enjoy the places, people, and things.

If you wish to do a multi-country experience, here are several best-selling tours to choose from. Talk to us for more options!

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