About Us

We are currently a team of passionate people serving a wide range of sabbatical activities from trekking, volunteering, internships, village stays, multi-country tours, adventure tours, religious tours, day hiking, and peak climbings in Nepal and other countries.

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Our Philosophy

Our foremost philosophy revolves around offering the ultimate travel experience and participation in Nepal to our valued visitors. We want to serve Nepal’s diverse culture, long history, distinct architecture, and absolute natural beauty to them in the never-presented way possible. 

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Tourism and Tourism For All

We highly believe that every person has some story, skill, experience, wisdom to share with the world for a positive impact. In that case, Social Tourism works as a medium for the people who want to make this world a better place through sharing their learnings. And, these sorts of social tour plans are accessible by all travelers, cost-effective, experience-based, full of once in a while moments, sustainable by all means, and worthwhile.

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Terms and Conditions

A traveler wandering in the mountains has to have travel insurance to keep a person insured against all the unpleasant things. The travel insurance should be enough to cover injuries, illness, treatment, medicine, and emergency helicopter evacuation expenses. We also suggest you get insurance that can cover other costs like trip cancelation, loss of gear and goods, etc. 

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Website Disclaimer

we must inform you that even with our hardest efforts to publish this website and its content as correctly as possible, the information may be inaccurate. In such cases, we will not be liable to any step taken upon the information on the website.

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