“Some journeys take us outside, and some take us inside, inside ourselves” Nepal, a beautiful country, is a fine spiritual destination for many reasons. It is the mecca primarily for Hinduism and Buddhism followers. Pashupatinath Temple and Muktinath Temple are the two holiest places for Hindu followers. Bouddhanath Stupa and Swaymbhunath Temple, and Nama Buddha Monastery are consecrated shrines for Buddhists.Travelers can explore many sacred places when they go to the countryside of Nepal. The country is dotted with holy, historical, and mystical shrines. Siddhartha Gautam “Buddha”, born in the country in 480 BCE, began the spiritual journey from the plainlands of Lumbini, Nepal, and preached mindful, spiritual, purpose, and self-reflection.Likewise, Khaptad Baba, aka Swami Sachchindananda, spent more than 50 years in the Himalayas of Nepal in Khaptad. He taught Vedic knowledge, yoga meditation, science of thought, and vivid. Similarly, Sadguru, aka Jagadish Vasudev, a prominent spiritual leader, visits Nepal once every year to travel for various spiritual purposes. As per him, The land of Nepal…was established by yogis and mystics as a living, spiritual body.  Regardless of your religious background,  you can be on a spiritual journey in this spiritually blessed country. Ultimately, spirituality is more about yourself than a particular religion.Whether on a spiritual journey or a pilgrimage tour in Nepal, this spiritual destination can fulfill your quest. Spiritual Tours in Nepal offer significant positivity, wellness, and mindfulness through trips. If you are looking for trips to experience spiritual tapestry, this section of Spiritual Tours in Nepal is for you.

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