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Sabbatical Break in Nepal

 August 17, 2022      By Sabbatical Explore Nepal
Sabbatical Break in Nepal

Sabbatical means a break from work. It is a break you take for personal reasons while being an employee. The purpose can be personal, professional, spiritual, or academic. Or you might want to take a break to experience something new to start a new life. Or to volunteer or research or travel or even just rest. 

For such a life-changing break, Nepal is the unquestioned destination. Nepal, the land of the Himalayas, the birthplace of Buddha, and its rich cultural heritage, is just suitable for such breaks. Sabbatical Break in Nepal is a perfect happening for all those looking for breaks from the havoc of daily schedules. Arriving in Nepal as a sabbatical traveler, you will unravel the missing parts of yourself.  

You can do various things on a sabbatical break in Nepal. As you have heard, Nepal is the land of the world’s tallest peaks. So you spend some time around the mountains. Likewise, Nepal is a land of diverse cultures and religions. On a career break, you will explore the never seen people, culture, lifestyle, and wisdom. There are various options you can do on a Sabbatical Break in Nepal. 

Below, we have mentioned some popular ways to spend a sabbatical leave in Nepal. 

A little about us. We, Sabbatical Explore Nepal, are a pioneer in running sabbatical breaks in Nepal. Alongside this, we provide standard travel assistance and guides to travelers coming to Nepal. Treks, peak climbing, tours, international tours, adventure travels, etc., are our primary offerings.  


Options for Sabbatical Break in Nepal



Trekking and Nepal, these two words, both come together quite often. When it comes to trekking, Nepal’s trekking trails are world-famous. For instance, Everest Base Camp Trek and Annapurna Circuit Trek are just two of the treks. Numerous astonishing trails of Nepal can be options for your sabbatical break. 

Trekking in Nepal offers considerable experiences. You will explore the natural wonders that are in Nepal. Similarly, you get opportunities to see the moving lifestyle of rural Nepal. By trekking, you explore your limits along with exposure to new things. So trekking on a sabbatical break is excellent.  



Trekking is a bit demanding for some people. Such people can just do tours on their sabbatical breaks. For such individuals, Nepal is a tourable country with many historical, cultural, architectural, religious, and natural destinations. You can spend your break from work traveling around Nepal’s significant locations. 

For example, Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, can be the best stop. Likewise, historical cities like Kathmandu, Lalitpur, and Bhaktapur.  Or you can visit scenic locations such as Chitwan for jungle safari and Pokhara for adventure time. You have plenty of options.     


Adventure Tours

Adventure is something that thrills your heart. Nepal, a diverse land, is one of the best places for that. Mountaineering, peak climbing, trekking, rafting, cycling, hiking, paragliding, bungee jumping, canoe riding, and more. If you are an adventure lover, you have dozens of choices in Nepal. By choosing the adventure tours, you will make your sabbatical leave a thrilling one.  


Cultural Immersion Trip

Cultural Immersion Trip is another option for sabbatical leave in Nepal. The cultural immersion excursions make you live in a new locality soaking in a new culture. On this sabbatical option, you will live like a local, doing things of theirs. 

For example, helping them on their farm, eating food, traveling, celebrating festivals, etc. It is a great way to add value to your sabbatical breaks. You will learn so much about foreign people and cultures. And that might leave you enlightened in some way. 

As you know, Nepal is a country of diverse cultures and social groups. Sherpas, Lamas, Tamangs, Thakalis, Newaris, Ranas, Brahmins, and Chettris are major cultural groups of Nepal. Each of the groups is unique. You will immerse yourself in the cultures and learn something from them.       


Social Work and Volunteering

Social work and volunteering programs are meaningful ways of spending sabbatical breaks. Everyone has some passion, expertise, and experience. Through social work and volunteering, you can share that with the world. The world is vast, but some places and people are deprived. You can do something through your capabilities in Nepal's areas in need. 

For example, you can go to remote villages and teach something in the schools. Or you can do social work in the towns by helping establish schools, health care, etc.  You can be a social worker or volunteer in multiple ways in Nepal. All you need is to be ready to make an impact. On your sabbatical break in Nepal, you can do some meaningful things.



Sabbatical Break in Nepal is a new but worthwhile option. People come to Nepal to see mountains and landscapes. They later know the country is much more than that. 

Indeed, Nepal is a country for any kind of break, short or long. And if you are an employee longing for a holiday, the country is always welcoming. Your sabbatical or gap from your busy work will be a meaningful one. Doing a sabbatical leave in Nepal, you will not be the same again. Nepal will leave some valuable transitions in your work and life.              


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