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Mundhum Trail Trek

13 Days USD $1885    Kathmandu    Kathmandu  
Duration : 13  Days
Grading : Easy
Min Pax : 2
Max Pax : 10
Max Altitude : 4156 meters
Activity : Trekking, Cultural Sightseeing, Mountain Viewing
Starts at : Kathmandu
End at : Kathmandu
Trip Route : Kathmandu-Diktel-Hanspokhari-Silichung Peak-Dhap-Kathmandu
Best Season : Spring and Autumn


Nepal feels less explored the more you explore it. The country is a bucket of many beautiful trekking trails. If you check the bucket randomly, you will find many less explored trails; Just the way you’ve seen this Mundum Trail, an unexplored, wild, and off-the-beaten trekking in Nepal.

Yes, Mundhum Trail is a newly explored trekking trail located in Far East Nepal. Mundum means the holy book of the Kirati People. As the trek goes through the lands of the Kirati People, it is named Mundum Trail. Inaugurated in 2018 by the Government of Nepal, Mundum Trail is a perfect trekking route for the remote cultural and pristine natural trek. By choosing this trek, you’ll travel the Eastern hills of Nepal, home to the Kirati People, one of the Sino-Tibetan ethnic groups. 

On this trail of Mundum, you’ll walk to witness the snow-capped mountains, breathtaking landscapes, lush forests, vast pastures, iconic hamlets, chiming rivers, waterfalls, lakes, sacred sites, and more. The trek has excellent views of Lhotse, Everest, Nuptse, Chamlang, Number, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and more if you are a mountain lover. 

Above everything, you’ll touch and explore a culturally vibrant place. The region is one of the last places where you can meet the Kirat ethnic. You will get to stay in the Kirat-rai communities of the trail. And that is the best way to gain insights into indigenous culture, tradition, and lifestyle. Those villages you will explore on Mundhum Trail, one of the virgin trekking routes, have been there since old age. So this trek is an escape for you if you love knowing foreign people and cultures.

The Mundhun Trail is a relatively easy route to take. You do have to be a super trekker for this trek. However, you’ll have to walk several uphills to reach ridges and hilltops. There will be nights when you have to settle in a tented camp. Otherwise, Mundhum Trail Trekking, one of the less explored trails, is a comfortable tour. It is a 13 days trip where you have to walk on average 4-5 hours of slow walking on trekking days.     


  • One of the recently opened virgin trekking routes.
  • Explore the Far-Eastern side of Nepal.
  • Visit the region indigenous to the Kirat-Rai Tribe, one of the Trans-Himalayan tribes of Nepal.
  • Get to know the unique culture, lifestyle, food, and tradition of the Kirati people.
  • Travel through pastures, lush forests, rivers, lakes, villages, and valleys.
  • Catch awe-striking views of Everest, Mt Kanchenjunga, Makalu, Lhotse, Nuptse and more.
  • Trek up to Silichung peak (4156m) and experience Nepal like never before.
  • Spend nights in the homestays of the locals or tented camps.


Day 1: Drive to Diktel(1430m) Vai Haleshi Mahadeva temple 9/10 hrs. drive

It all starts with a long drive to Diktel from Kathmandu. You will enjoy a scenic bus ride to eastern Nepal. While on the road, you will come across countless beautiful views. You will see rivers, villages, people, markets, forests, and many more through your window. Traveling across Dhulikhel, Nepalthok, Khurko, Okhaldhuna, and Jayaram for around 7-8hrs, you will reach Halesi Mahadev Temple. 

We will stop at Halesi Mahadev Temple for a short exploration and take blessings from one of the holiest temples. After some time at the pilgrimage site, we will start the remaining journey to Diktel. Some more hours of the highway ride, and we’ll reach Diktel. Overnight in a lodge.    

Day 2: Drive to Tawa Banjang (2760m) 5/6 hrs.

The highway drive is not yet done. We’ll wake up to leave Diktel for Tawa Bhanjyang. The destination lies around a 5-6 hours drive ahead of Diktel. So we will enjoy another day of a scenic drive through the scenic winding roads. En route to Tawa Bhanjyang,  we will come across more terraced fields, villages, forests of oaks and Rhododendron, and more. 

Upon reaching Tawa Bhanjyang, we will get a warm welcome from the locals. Then we will do a check-in at a homestay run by the villagers of Tawa Bhanjyang. We will take a rest and get refreshed after a long drive. Later, the locals will organize a cultural dance of Kirat tribes for us. We will have a fantastic evening in Tawa Bhanjhyang. 

Day 3: Explore Temke Dada (3010m) and trek down to Chakewa 5/6 hrs.

The following day, we will leave Tawa Bhanjyang by climbing uphill. At the end of the climb, we will reach Temke Danda(Hill). We will catch incredible mountains from the top for the first time on the trek. Around seven eight-thousanders are visible from the top. After exploring Temke Danda, we will do an easy downhill walk to Chakewa. Our scenic day of trekking will end in the village. Overnight in the homestay. 

Day 4: Trek to Dhotre (2752m) 6/7 hrs

On the fourth day of Mundhum Trail, one of the less explored trails, we will trek towards Dhotre. To do that, we will get up and have a delicious breakfast at Chakewa’s homestay. Today’s walk will run through a forest full of rhododendrons, oaks, and Chimal. We will have a fresh forest walk for a few hours. 

Out of the forest, we will pass Maluwa Village, a traditional village of the region. Ahead, we will cross Dalsing Pass and Merung Hill, the two of the viewpoints of the day. Enough of the mountains will be viewable from those hilltops. After a day full of mountain views and jungle walks, we will reach Dhotre. We will have options to settle in a tented camp or a Homestay. 

Day 5: Trek to Hanspokhari (2962m) /3/4 hrs.

The trek will get more exciting now. On this day, we will leave the Dhotre village to move in the direction of Hans Pokhari. Our walk will happen through Baaspani Desthan and Chautara. There will be a slow uphill trek as well. After several hours of walking, we will reach the scenic vicinity of Hanpokhari. The lake beautifully lies around the green pasture hills.  We will explore the lake and the surrounding Mattim Danda. And after all of this, our day will end in a tented camp in Hanshpokhari.

Day 6: Trek to Satdobato(3322m) Via Mayung peak (3333m) 6/7 hrs. overnight

On the sixth day of the Mundhum Trail, we will have a plan to reach Satdobato via Mayung peak. We will do a picturesque hike to Mayung Peak in the dawn, the highest point around the place. And at the end of the climb, we will see extraordinary visions of Makalu and other peaks. Following the view, we will descend back to Hansh Pokhari to move towards Satdobato. For the remaining time of day, you will approach Satdobato. After reaching Satdobato, you will spend the night in a tented camp.    

Day 7: : Trek to Rawadhap (3436m) 6/7 hrs

Now, you will leave Satdobato to find Rawadhap. The walk will progress through the iconic villages of Kirat and Rai people. En route, we will find people on the terraced fields doing their regular work. We will see them wearing their ethnic dresses. Several villages, such as Lauri Bina and Hyakule are to name some. After a walk of 6-7hrs, we will reach Rawadhap to spend the night in a tented camp.  

Day 8: Trek to Salpa Bhanjyang (3348m) 4/5 hrs

Today, we will take more time to trek a short distance. Early in the morning, we will start the hike through the newer villages of the Kirat people. The day will be much like the last day. This day will also show us more of the local lifestyle and culture. But we will have some scenic hilltop times as well. The mani wall of Nikasa is a watch of the day. Likewise, we will cross Kulu Pankha Bhanjyang to reach Salpa Bhanjyang. We will stay in a tented camp or homestay. 

Day 9: Early Morning Hike to Silichung peak (4156m) Via Salpa Pokhari (3458m) and Decent down to Wakkha (2676m)

This is a special day of the Mundhum Trail trek. On this day, you will climb the trek's highest point, Silichung Peak(4,156m). To do that, we will leave Salpa Bhanjyang in the morning. It will be the longest trekking day as well. So we have to start the walk early. And upon reaching the summit of Silichung Peak, we will grab breathtaking sights of various peaks. Several of the world’s tallest mountains are observable from the vantage point. 

After the complete enjoyment on the top, we will descend to Wakkha. The long but exciting trekking day will end in Wakkha’s homestay. The tented camp is also available.     

Day 10: Trek down to Mahakulung (1751m) 5/6 hrs.

From Wakkha, we will take a road to Mahakulung. It will be an average day of trekking with more downhills. After the walk of 5-6 hours, we will reach Mahakulung, a famous village in the region. There are three culturally rich villages in Mahakulung. We will call it a day in a homestay in the town. 

Day 11: Early Morning Visit To Mahakulung Gudel gau (1968m) and explore area view Mahakulung Village Return Back to chachalung and trek to Bung (1677m)

On this day in Mahakulung, we will explore the three villages of the region. We will explore the villages of Sherpa, Kirat, and Rai around the area. This day will give us many things to study, from lifestyle to food. After the insightful visit to the nearby villages, we will leave Mahakulung for Bung. 

Day 12: Drive to Dhap 5/7 hrs.

Following the night in Bung village, we will now move towards Dhap village. It will be a 5-6 hour drive to Dhap, the starting point of the famous Pikey Peak Trek. This day will be the last day of the tour in the lower Solukhumbu region. We will get alluring views of the Everest Region peaks such as Everest, Lhotse, and more during the walk. We will reach the village early to visit one of the local villages for some last exploration. Overnight in Dhap. 

Day 13: Drive back to Kathmandu 7/8 hrs.

The tour is accomplished. Now, we will take a twisting ride back to Kathmandu. It will take us around 7-8 hours to reach Kathmandu. We will enjoy some good hours of a scenic drive through the winding highway of Nepal. And finally, the drive will bring us back to the busy streets of Kathmandu. We will get back to our hotels for a rest.  

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